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Crossed Over
Dwight E. Mahar - Crossed about 1996 (info from
Dave Saam) -
Would like more info from anyone
Louis Wood - Crossed Nov 14, 2015  (Obit listed)
CPO Henry Fisher - Crossed Dec 2015, Furlong, PA

Both CPO Fisher and Mr. Wood had been dedicated
supporters of the USCGC Rockaway Reunion's since
the first reunion in Orlando, Florida in April 2002.  
These men will be greatly missed by the shipmates.   

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1965 Larry C Sheran pictures
1965 Cadet Cruise etc by Jeff Roller Jan 27 2012
1954 Donald Trombley on the Eagle
by Lewis W Silverman

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I am the widow of Thomas McCarthy.  We hosted the reunion In
(2006 - Wilmington).  My husband passed away in 2009 and I am
liquidating some of his belongings.  I have a very large print of the
Rockaway...custom framed and hang ready.  The photo print shows
many men on deck with great clarity.... 1966-68????  I am selling this
piece for $100 includes shipping to whomever would like to purchase
this at the reunion.  It has been wrapped securely for years for
protection. Please just let me know.... Thanks
Lynn McCarthy  lynnmcc49@yahoo.com

Print of the Rockaway
This picture has been expanded to show many
parts of the ship.
The purpose of this article is to draw a
comparison of the events surrounding the
disaster of the Titanic to a similar set of
circumstances experienced by the crew of
the Rockaway during its return from Ocean
Station Able about the end of February,
by Gilbert B. (Gil) Leach, QM1, Sept 52 to
Aug 56.
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Reunion scheduled for May 7th, 2017
at the Beach Cove Resort
Myrtle Beach, SC
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