Donald Trombley
Freshman year at the
Academy, which if he was
18-19 put's that around
1953-54. Did not serve on
the Rockaway but has
pictures of interest
Good Morning,

Thought you might be interested in a couple photos I found. First a little background!

For Christmas this year I thought I'd do something special for my father. As a younger
man, one of his big hobbies was photography. Most of his photos were on slides;
unfortunately, he rarely if ever brought out the projector for my brother and me to see
what his life was like as a younger man, particularly while serving as a cadet at the
Coast Guard Academy.

That said, my mother and I decided to pull a fast one by stealing his countless slides
during the Thanksgiving holiday so that I could purchase a slide scanner, upload them to
my computer, then transfer them all to a digital picture frame for his big gift this year.

After a long wait my slide scanner arrived in the mail, and last night I took my first crack
at using it. While slides have always had that allure for me with their vivid color and
apparent depth, I now had the added dimension of being able to instantly research their
contents through use of the internet. I must admit it was magical!

Two slides I found brought me to your page. A quick search of USCG W377 on Google,
and *poof* there you were. I admit they're not the greatest quality, but I hope you like
them. They're taken from the Coast Guard vessel Eagle. If I do my math correctly:

*       Dad turned 75 this year, meaning he was born in 1935.
*       From other slides in the reel, I can tell it's from his freshman year at the Academy,
which if he was 18-19 put's that around 1953-54. I believe he was a freshman there in
1954, so that's my ballpark estimate on when these were taken.
*       Other slides on the reel show him in Bermuda, so I believe that's from the same

This is just my first reel of slides, so who knows what treasures await. Suffice to say I
feel like I'm opening a huge window into my own past (especially given how much alike
we look), and wanted to share. I hope he will appreciate seeing these as much as me
come Christmas time.


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My father’s name is Donald Trombley. He left the Academy during his 3rd
year due to frequent seasickness, moving over to the Air Force where he
stayed until retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in the 80’s. However, he still goes
to the reunions when he can.