These Pictures were taken in 1962-63
aboard the Rockaway
by Charles R. Wilkes
If you will send me your favorite pictures when you were aboard, I'd like
to put them on this site.
E_Mail me the pictures at
web master
I retired in 1981 as MKCS. I will double check the photos
and see if I can darken them. I am very unfamiliar with
scanning photos. Those photos I sent were from 62-63 (I
think) in the North Atlantic, a Texas tower in background
and lots of fog, ice, and bad seas. I will send more. We
went into Newfoundland for R and R and had
watermelons!!!! Alred (I Think) had a run-in with some
marines at their barracks and we did of left in a hurry. Ha
Sometimes I get my shipmates assigned to the wrong
memory. I have pictures of my tours on the Dauntless,
Diligence, Androscoggin,Courier as well as the
Will send more.
Charles R. Wilkes